Anti Ant Stainless Steel Kitty Bowl
Anti Ant Stainless Steel Kitty Bowl
Anti Ant Stainless Steel Kitty Bowl

Anti Ant Stainless Steel Kitty Bowl

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 Are Those Pesky Ants Ruining Your Kitty's Meal?

We have all been there, seeing a line of ants helping themselves to the bowl of delicious food and your kitty giving you that look of utter disappointment as only they can do!😾

So keep them ants outside doing what they do best and minimize that kitty look with our new Anti Ant Stainless Steel Bowl, designed especially to allow your kitty to eat in peace.

But we didn't stop there, this bowl is not only designed for a pleasant meal but we have also introduced other solutions to common problems our kitty's face while feeding.

🐾 Create a little moat by filling the outer ring with water and viola Ant Free, some of our Tiny Whisker family also had success by adding Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth around the outer ring.

🐾 Packed with benefits! Anti Ant, Anti Skid bottom, 15° Tilted and elevated and High Grade 304 Stainless steel made

🐾 Easy to clean with a removable bowl and dishwasher safe.

High Quality 304 grade Stainless Steel removable bowls.

The condition that is most often cited as being caused by eating or drinking from a plastic bowl is called either chin acne or feline acne. It is characterized by solid or pus-filled bumps that primarily affect the chin region

Cats develop an infection or feline acne from bacteria in the cracks of plastic bowls. They may also contain BPA, Phthalates and other potentially harmful toxins.


Stop feeding your lovely cat out of plastic bowls to prevent them from having a Chin acne or Feline acne!




We have also tilted the bowl to a 15° angle and elevated it to help with regurgitation and vomiting. 

An elevated and tilted cat feeder equals better eating habits!

If the improvement in your cat’s digestion is not enough, these raised bowls are also great for changing their eating habits. We all know that cats are picky when it comes to food. There’s no chance of keeping track of how many times your cat turned around and walked away from the food bowl, simply because she wasn’t in the mood for eating or because something turned her off. How many times did she play around with food or water on the floor? And how often has she spilled everything by accident? Or trying to make it look like an accident? As it turns out, with the elevated feeding stations, they are less likely to by doing all these things. Well, not as much as they do when we feed them “normally”, anyway. Most of all, gulping the food along with air will no longer be an issue and they won’t vomit because of that anymore. That will eliminate a lot of inconveniences.


🐾 Size and Dimensions

🐾 Choice of three beautiful colors


🐾 Not only anti Ant but also Anti Skid

“If your Kitty doesn't absolutely LOVE Our  Kitty Bowl , we will give you 100% of your money back.


Yes, we're THAT confident in our product!



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