Slow Feeding Ceramic Bowl
Slow Feeding Ceramic Bowl
Slow Feeding Ceramic Bowl
Slow Feeding Ceramic Bowl

Slow Feeding Ceramic Bowl

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 Slow Feeding Ceramic Bowl just arrived at Tinywhisker!

Slow feeders are good for cats who scarf down food too quickly. They can be helpful in preventing vomiting due to too-fast eating and may help with feline weight management, too.

Five Benefits of Using Our Slow Feeder Cat Bowl
  • Minimized Vomiting. Slow cat feeders increase a cat's feeding time, reducing or preventing vomiting for healthier, happier kitties. ...
  • Promotes Healthy Digestion. ...
  • Provides Mental Stimulation. ...
  • Cats May Feel Fuller Faster (regulate weight) ...
  • Keeps the Cats Active.

 Beautifull High Quality ceramic




High quality Ceramic removable bowls helps prevent cat acne!

The condition that is most often cited as being caused by eating or drinking from a plastic bowl is called either chin acne or feline acne. It is characterized by solid or pus-filled bumps that primarily affect the chin region

Cats develop an infection or feline acne from bacteria in the cracks of plastic bowls. They may also contain BPA, Phthalates and other potentially harmful toxins.

“If your Kitty doesn't absolutely LOVE Our Kitty Bowl , we will give you 100% of your money back.


Yes, we're THAT confident in our product!