Adjustable Cat Bowl
Adjustable Cat Bowl
Adjustable Cat Bowl
Adjustable Cat Bowl

Adjustable Cat Bowl

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“A happy arrangement: many people prefer cats to other people, and many cats prefer people to other cats.” – Mason Cooley


Just as we differ so does our furry friends, not one is the same as the other.

The same applies when it comes to feeding companions which is why we have have made a feeding companion to suit all shapes and sizes(not to forget personalities)

Our extensive research accumulated into one perfect bowl, 

🐾 Adjustable screw on legs that offer various heights and angles.

🐾 Clean and hygienic quality ceramic bowls.

🐾Put yourself in your cat’s place. Get down on “all fours” facing a floor-level plate or bowl and pretend to eat or drink from it. Your stomach is “crunched” into your chest. This what your kitty experiences while eating — and why you should look into the benefits of raised feeders!

You might argue that cats are built by nature to stand on four legs, while we stand on two, but I nevertheless noticed that our four Persians seemed to suck their food off their plates, then gulped it down along with air, creating a propensity to vomit afterwards. They also spilled as much food on the floor as they took in. In addition, their whiskers became bent during floor-level dining, which seemed to make them feel uncomfortable. 

To help alleviate these issues, we decided to switch to raised feeders for our kitties. Raised feeders are often used for dogs, especially those prone to bloat, but they can also be great for cats. In fact, when given the choice between raised level or floor level dining, our cats always choose the former.


🐾 Easy Installation to find the perfect height and angle for you kitty 





🐾  Size and Dimensions




High quality Ceramic removable bowls helps prevent cat acne!

The condition that is most often cited as being caused by eating or drinking from a plastic bowl is called either chin acne or feline acne. It is characterized by solid or pus-filled bumps that primarily affect the chin region

Cats develop an infection or feline acne from bacteria in the cracks of plastic bowls. They may also contain BPA, Phthalates and other potentially harmful toxins.



“If your Kitty doesn't absolutely LOVE Our  Kitty Bowl , we will give you 100% of your money back.


Yes, we're THAT confident in our product!